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The High Desert Scots Pipes and Drums, from Apple Valley, CA, seen above, was outfitted with bonnets, spats and red hackles by Bold Blades. These nice folks can be reached by calling Jim Cook at 760-247-3211.  They are available for parades, weddings, funerals and any other occasion where a pipe band is appropriate.  Support your local pipe band.  We do by offering discounts on equipment and custom blazer badges with no setup fee.


Seen above are some of the pipe band products we offer and have supplied in the past. Not all of them are stocked regularly, for example, the gillie brogues.  They are special order items. We do keep a supply of bonnets, sporrans and belts on hand, as well hackles and flashes which are illustrated below.


We offer three styles of sporrans in stock.  From left to right they are: Style A with studs, Style B with tassels, Style D with a fur front and three tassels and Style C (in front) for kids.  The leather work and tassels may vary slightly from the picture.  All sporrans come with a chain strap at no extra charge. All but style D may be had in black or brown leather.

Styles A and B are $48 plus $5 packing and post.  Style D is $65 plus $5 packing and post. The youth size, style C, is $30 plus $5 packing and post.

Other styles are available.  Please inquire.



Bold Blades bonnets adorn many, many heads in the Scottish-American world. You have your choice of the Balmoral, traditional and the most popular, or the Glengarry, originally a military style worn by many 19th c. Scottish and non-Scottish regiments. Both are made of first-quality black wool, fully lined, with reinforced headbands and grosgrain ribbon for pinning on your clan crest badge (not included). We stock sizes 6 3/4 through 7 3/4 but larger or smaller sizes are available as special orders. You may have your bonnet plain or with red, white and black died headband, the military style. Each comes with a red “tourie” on top.

$45 plain, $48 with the diced headband.

Add $7 for packing and post.


The bonnet below is included to show you that we can do something other than basic black. Several years ago we did an order for a Templar organization in the style shown below and liked it so much that we got one for ourself.  It is now old and stained by perspiration but we think it is a good illustration of what our manufacturer can do, to your specifications.



Seen above and to the right are some decorative items to go with your uniform or kilt outfit.  The flashes showing the St. Andrew’s Cross and Rampant Lion are those of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, which was recently formed from the battalions of the old Highland and Lowland regiments. The Scots were up in arms over this turn of events but Whitehall found it absolutely necessary to amalgamate. They are available in dress colors (bright blue and white), khaki/desert camo and woodland camo. The patch below the two camo flashes in for the 7th armored of WWII fame. We do not stock it but it is available.  We are also showing the red hackle, which adorned the bonnets of the Black Watch and their battalion in the new regiment still wears it.  Directly above are Para (paratrooper) wings, made from fine silk.  Below is the flash of the 51st Highland Division which fought its way out of France at Dunkirk then came back with the invasion to fight its way into Germany.

The Flashes are $7.95 a pair postpaid, the hackle is $6.95 and the Para Wings are $12.95 postpaid.


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