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The photo above shows from top to bottom, the Cold Steel Broadsword, the Officer’s Backsword and the Officer’s Broadsword, to give you an idea of their relative sizes. All three of these swords are sharpened with the Cold steel sword being sharpened for the first 16 inches of the blade.  We can supply blunt versions of the Officers’ swords. Contact us if you are interested in those.


This sword has a basket of brushed stainless steel and a carbon steel blade. The blade is 33.5 inches with an overall length of 39 3/4 inches. The blade is marked with “Andrea Ferara” an old trademark. The sword weighs in at 3 lbs 1 oz approximately and is equipped with a leather covered wooden scabbard with steel throat, drag tip and locket. The grip is wire wrapped rayskin and the basket liner is cloth and leather.

$350 plus $24 packing & post (these swords are back in production)


The backsword differs from the broadsword in that it only has one cutting edge as opposed to the broadsword’s two. The Officers’ Backsword has a stainless basket (we have illustrated an antique finish below but please note this is no longer available) of a style reminiscent of the 17th c. The overall length is 39 inches with a 32.5 inch blade, marked “Andria Farara” which is made of carbon steel. It weighs just 2 lbs. 9 ozs. The sheath is constructed in the same manner as the one of the Officers’ Broadsword. Note the “grotesque masque” on the rear guards of the hilt. This basket is copied from a sword dated 1680.         $350 plus $24 packing and post


The Cold Steel Broadsword is equipped with an 1828 pattern military hilt.  It is blued steel as are the fittings on the sheath. The high carbon steel blades is 31.5 inches long. The sword is 37.75 inches overall. This is a formidable sword and, if we every had to take a sword into combat, this would probably be it. The liner is hard leather.

Yours to wear and admire for just $299 plus $24 post and packing. 


This is the first basket hilt sword ever offered by Bold Blades. The brass basket is based on the 1828 pattern military hilt. What you see below is a new sword for us. It is a broadsword, meaning it has two cutting edges (not sharpened). The guard is now equipped with forward guards which our old sword did not have. The sheath is all metal with the military rings for hanging on our baldric with rings and chains. This is a very sturdy sword at a very good price.

Stay economical by buying this sword for the low price of $75 plus $24 packing and post.


We have carried this sword in inventory for sale at the Highland Games for some time and just decided to catalog it. This sword has been around for quite some time and has always been a favorite of ours. The brass basket is distinctive and this sword has been carried by members of the 78th Fraser Highlanders reenactment group for many years. The carbon steel blade is 32.5 inches and 1.25 inches wide. The basket is equipped with a red cloth liner. This sword weighs nearly four pounds. The sheath is leather over wood with brass throat and drag tip. An impressive sword to wear or display. Please note the sheath does not have a “locket” on the throat. This means that in order to wear the sword in one of our plain frog baldrics, you must have the frog sewn tightly around the throat. We can provide complete instructions on how to accomplish this.

$285 plus $24 packing and post


We supply side sword baldrics suitable for our basket hilts and other swords and they will probably fit other styles of swords as well.  We have two styles: the plain frog and rings and chains. For the plain frog style we will provide simple and complete instructions on how to adapt it to your sword. Both are made from 100% leather. Try to buy the raw materials to make one of these for less than we charge for the finished product. Black leather only.

$55 plus $10 packing and post.

The photo above is of the weapons display at the Scottish Tartans Museum in Franklin, NC, the only museum devoted to tartans and related subjects outside of Scotland.  Bold Blades furnished all the weapons in the display. When you are visiting the mountains of southwestern NC, be sure to stop by the museum at 86 East Main Street.

Major James Fraser of Castle Leathers, pictured at the left, is well-armed with a pistol and an “S Hilt” basket hilted sword. We do not know if it is a broadsword or a backsword but he certainly looks ready for battle. This portrait was done in the late 17th or early 18th c.

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