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Viking axes were used all over the world of the Dark Ages. The axe was was perhaps the most common of all Viking weapons. A famous Viking warrior named John the Wode (possibly Swein Asliefsson, forbear of the Clan Gunn) fought with a great axe at the attack on Dublin in 1171. Using only his ax, John is said to have killed ten or eleven men before being slain himself. At one point he cut off the leg of a Norman knight who was armored in a mail byrnie and mail breeches. Such was the power of a mighty Viking and his trusty ax. This story is also reminiscent of the tale of the lone Viking at Stamford Bridge in 1066 who kept the Saxons at bay by using his ax, until being stabbed with a spear by Saxons who crept under the bridge and attacked through the spaces between planks.


We struggled a bit to come up with a name for this new ax, which is truly a massive weapon.  "Darn Big Ax" finally gave way to "Viking Long Ax," which pretty much sums it up. The hardwood handle is 48 inches long and massive. The ax head has an 8.5 inch bit and measures 12.5 inches from poll to bit. We did not weigh it but 7 - 8 pounds seems probable. The Viking knot work design on the ax head is common among Norse axes and adds to the mystique of this huge ax.  The photo of our staffer holding the ax gives an idea of just how large this ax is as he is over six feet tall.  Display it, carry it in the Parade of Tartans or sharpen it and use it to fell massive oaks for only $120 plus $30 packing and post - it is quite large. Currently Out of Stock

The Viking Two-Handed Ax

Viking axes came in all sizes and configurations. The Viking Two-Handed Ax Shown below is 26 1/2 inches over all with a 7 inch cutting edge. The head is decorated with a fanciful Viking knot work dragon. This ax only weighs 1.5 pounds so it is probably incorrect to refer to it as a two-handed ax, but we think that sounds good. The handle is tropical hardwood.

Only $75 plus $20 packing and post


Viking Hand Ax

This very nice ax is 25 1/4 inches overall with a 5 1/4 inch bit. It comes in a antiqued finish or polished bright. The handle is hardwood and a special cover is supplied to fit over the bit, for safe carry and transport. See both versions below.

In Stock. $100 plus $15 packing and post.  NOT FOR THROWING!


Our new medieval style battle ax is an attractive and functional piece. The cutting edge (does not come sharpened) is just over 6.5 inches long and the head is decorated with piercings and attractive banding. The hardwood shaft is 28.25 inches long and is in a square configuration. Modeled after an original, it could be medieval or Renaissance, depending on what you would like to do with it. A very attractive ax for just...

$65 plus $15 post & packing (Last one in stock. May be discontinued by the maker)


The Bearded Ax, known as the “Skegg Ox” in old Norse, was a very common style used by Viking Warriors. The cutting bit of this ax is 4 inches long and it comes equipped with a 24 inch haft for building up lots of momentum with the swing. The bit is not sharpened but we believe it can easily be turned into a real cutting instrument. It is not known if the beard was developed with a specific purpose in mind or whether it was just a style of construction. However it does look as if it could be used to hook an enemy’s arm or shield and pull him off balance. It can be yours for just

$60 plus $15 post & packing

War Hammer

The War Hammer is back after a brief absence. But, we do not know how long they will be available. Same great look with hardwood handle and stainless head and langets. Just the thing for opening “Knights in a Can.”  Yours for $60 plus $15 packing and post.

Swein Asliefsson

Ancestor of the Clan Gunn.  Also known as “John the Wode”, Wode meaning “fierce”.


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