In addition to the Clan Badges, we also offer Military and various District Badges.

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At Bold Blades we offer Clan Crest Blazer Badges in over 180 Scottish Clan and Family names. While we did not originate this product line in the United States, we believe that we are the largest vendor of Blazer Badges in the country and possibly the world.  We try to keep a supply of each badge in stock at all times meaning there are times when over 1000 badges are stored in our warehouse.  We can also provide custom badges for your pipe band, St. Andrews Society or other organization at a reasonable price and no set up fees. Contact us for more information. We also offer quantity discounts to societies which wish to pool an order for their membership. We also provide badges for all branches of the US Military and generic badges.
Our badges are handmade of the finest materials, silk thread and bullion wire. Because of the method of construction, these fine badges cannot stand up to washing or dry cleaning. So, we have them made with three pins on the backing which are secured to your garment with clutch fasteners. This also makes them easily moved from sweater to blazer or wherever you want to wear or display them.
The badges are illustrated below. Please note that many of the illustrations are several years old and depict badges which were made by manufacturers other than the one we currently use.  The badges we are providing now are of much higher quality.  The Gunn badge shown above is an example of the quality of the current product.
These beautiful badges are yours for only $21 plus packing and post.


From time to time we are asked about altering our clan crest badges to meet the special requirements of our customers. Usually the request is for a change in the spelling of the surname or perhaps changing the name to that of the customer.  We cannot do that for a couple of reasons.

First, the badges we sell depict the crest badge of the Clan chief or perhaps a badge traditionally used by the Clan for many years.  To change the name on the banner under the badge would, in effect, amount to usurpation of the Chief’s property and is very much like using the coat of arms of the chief as your arms even though they are not yours.  In the US and most of the world, that is not considered serious.  However, in Scotland and the rest of the UK and Commonwealth it is taken quite seriously and can result in legal action. You may remember that Donald Trump decided to build a golf course in Scotland a few years ago. He adorned the entrance to the facility with a coat of arms which he claimed to be the “Trump” arms (his father was from Scotland). The authorities swiftly brought the situation to his attention and ultimately forced him to remove the arms which were not recorded in the Lyon Register. It is not quite the same thing as the previously cited examples of requested changes to our badges but the principal is the same.  So, we simply cannot do that.

Second, our badges are made by a manufacturer in South Asia. We cannot and will not request that unsupported changes be made in the surnames or other parts of the badges without evidence that the changes should be made for legal or heradlic reasons. The cost and lead time would be too great to accomplish that.

We will also decline to make custom badges for customers who have bought a square foot of land in Scotland.  Ads for these “souvenirs” claim that such a purchase will make the owner a “laird” but in fact it does not and any badge that might come along with such a transaction is not legitimate.

Thanks very much for your understanding of these matters.

Some badges will have a caption underneath the picture. The captions are put there because the clan has a cadet branch with a different badge. This is to help you identify the correct badge for your family.




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