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Bold Blades is proud to offer a replica of the Wallace Monument Sword. This sword, which is housed in the Wallace Monument in Stirling Scotland, is believed to be the sword of William Wallace, Guardian of Scotland, victor at the Battle of Stirling Bridge and martyr on the Altar of Scottish Freedom. The sword is massive, with an overall length of 66 inches and a blade of 54 inches. In spite of its great size, it only weights six pounds. The shape of the guard is unusual, but not unlike some found on Scottish two-handed swords. The pommel is onion-shaped and the grip is wood, wrapped in leather. A few years ago this sword was brought to the US and displayed in Grand Central Station in New York. Was this the actual sword of William Wallace? Scholars continue to debate this question. We know that our sword is a faithful copy of the original on display in Stirling. We no longer keep this sword in stock. It will be shipped directly from the supplier.

Own a replica of a piece of history today. It can be yours for $275 plus $25 packing and post. (Because of its size, there may be a shipping surcharge of up to $20, depending on your location. Shipping rates have recently climbed dramatically.)


The Burly Scot Claymore (on the left) represents the return of an old sword, one that we offered in 2000 which had vanished from the catalog but is now available again. This is a large sword with a 2 inch wide blade, 42 inches in length. It is 58 inches in overall length. For its size it is fairly well-balanced. The pommel is a brass globe. The slightly down swept guards (quillons) end in large quatrefoils and are also made of brass. Short lanquets extend down the ricasso of the blade. The handle is polished wood. There is a wooden sheath with this sword which has a brass tip.  It is strictly for storage of the sword.

The Iron Scot has been discontinued and is out of stock. We do plan to replace it with another, even more interesting Scottish Claymore.

The price for the Burly Scot is $175.  Packing and post for each is $18 although as with all our claymores, there may be a shipping surcharge of up to $12, depending on your location. The swords are long and heavy and UPS charges a lot more for that type of shipment.


The Highlander Claymore is an example of the smaller, lighter two handed sword favored by the more mobile Highland warrior. This sword is 54.75 inches overall with a blade length of 41 inches. and weighs in at four pounds, fourteen ounces. The full length view is the antiqued version while the close up of the hilt is the polished style. The sword has a stainless steel pommel and down swept guard ending in quatrefoil piercings, traditional for this type of sword. This sword fits our over the shoulder baldric nicely.

This sword is available for $325 plus $18 packing and post. Here again, there may be a shipping surcharge of up to $12, depending on your location


The Lowlander has to be our most impressive sword. Made to replicate closely the great two handed swords wielded by Lowland Scots and other warriors of the 15th and 16th centuries, this sword is 68.5 inches long with a 48 inch sharpened blade. It weighs in at six pounds fourteen ounces and can be easily wielded with two hands. The long, straight cross guards curve downward at their ends and finish up with the traditional acorn decoration. Two ring guards, also typical of Lowland swords, complete the effect. The long wood grip is wrapped in leather and studded. The guards and  pommel are brushed stainless steel while the blade is high carbon steel. These great weapons were sometimes referred to as “Slaughter Swords” for obvious reasons. The sword comes with a bracket and hardware to allow for vertical mounting on your sword room wall. It will not fit our claymore baldric, sold elsewhere.  Also available in “antiqued” version (not shown).

$365 plus $25 post & packing - there may be a shipping surcharge of up to $20 depending on your location

Claymore_1Claymore_11The photo to the left is to give you some perspective of the relative size of our three most popular claymores. From top to bottom they are The Highlander, the Lowander and The Twisted Hilt. We have occasionally heard folks say that these large swords were used to break armor in battle. In fact they were being used at a time when plate armor was in fashion. However, their main purpose was to cut flesh and to that end they were quite sharp. Swords in general were used for this purpose and not for breaking armor which was the purpose of axes and maces


The Twisted Hilt may well be our most popular two handed sword. This sword is 57 inches overall with a 42 inch blades. The pommel and guard are brass. The down swept guards end in quartrefoil piercings. The hardwood handle is turned in a spiral pattern, reminiscent of the narwhal tusk-handled claymore in a Scottish museum. This sword is available for $150 plus $18 packing and post, although a shipping surcharge may apply

As mentioned elsewhere on this page, Bold Blades offers an over the shoulder baldric which will handle swords with blades up to about 43 inches in length and can be worn by folks with up to 48 inch chest measurements and perhaps a bit larger. While there is no historical evidence that soldiers marched with their great swords suspended on their backs, it is a popular way to transport a sword these days. So, by popular demand, Bold Blades has arranged to make a baldric to enable you to do this. Made of high quality black leather with nickel rivets and buckles this harness is available for the low price of $85 plus $10 packing and post. (Sorry but the sword shown in the baldric is no longer available.)

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