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We recently made contact with the good folks at Nagle Forge and Foundry who offered us the opportunity to become a dealer for their products. Since we were already familiar with their top quality jewelry we jumped at the chance to do so.

Nagle Forge uses lead free jewelry quality pewter for their kilt pins and brooches. Each item is hand-antiqued using a non-toxic patina. The pewter alloy, high in tin content, also contains a trace of silver to add a touch of glitter to the finished product. All Nagle Forge’s products are made in the USA and carry a lifetime guaranty against breakage or damage.  Each comes in a velvet bag with a certificate of authenticity. 

We are proud to have formed a business relationship with this fine company and think you will enjoy owning and wearing their products.

What you see here is our initial order which we tried to tailor to what we believe our customers want. However, they carry a very large selection of other items so please inquire if you are interested in something different.


We have, for several years, stocked an neat little pin based on the 18th c. Scottish pistol. The pin illustrated above is a better representation of the original pistol, right down to the four slotted screw holding the hammer to the lock. Equipped with a high quality pin, designed to provide minimum disturbance to the fabric of the garment to which you attach it, this is a pin you can proudly wear to show off your Highland Martial spirit. 

High quality for just $48 postpaid


                                                      SWORD KILT PINS

The broken sword has been a theme throughout medieval literature. Excalibur was once broken then mended; the King’s sword in Lord of the Rings likewise was broken then made whole.  Here we have two sword kilt pins, one broken and one a short sword.  Either of these will make a fine addition to your Scottish finery.

These fine pins are only $38 postpaid.


Note the fine detail, the hallmark of Nagle Forge and Foundry, in these two kilt pins. The piper even has garters on his kilt hose. Notice also the basket hilt sword and targe. The dancer looks like she is ready to spring off the tartan background.

Yours for a mere $38 each postpaid


For your favorite artillery man, a neat 17th c. style cannon kilt pin.

Just $38 postpaid



This neat pin can be used as a small brooch or even a kilt pin.  It is 2 1/8 inches in diameter. Vikings are a hot commodity right now and this beautiful pin will be a nice addition to your attire since many Highland Clans, including our Clan, the Clan Gunn, have Norse ancestry.  By the way, the background for the pins shown here is Weathered Gunn tartan. Out of Stock.


Many years ago, a group of Viking chess pieces was found on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. Among the pieces was a warrior biting his shield. Viking berserkers were known to to that when going into battle (at least that is what the sagas say) and the Viking pictured here is doing just that.

An appropriate pin for any Norse-Celtic clanperson, this pin is only $38 postpaid

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