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                                                           THE HIGHLAND GREAT SWORD

The Highland Great Sword dates from the 15th c. although similarly styled swords were probably used in earlier times. Only four of these swords exist and have different provenances but the giveaway that they are Scottish are the unique guards. The downward sloping spatulate-terminal cross (Jack Scott) (guard) is a dead giveaway although one of the survivors was found in Ireland. This style of guard is, of course, found numerous times in the later two-handed Scottish sword. The shorter fuller on our sword was found on an original found in Ireland some years ago but originally used in Scotland. The original has a very long blade but the hilt is very close to the other existing examples. The wheel pommel is also found on the survivors which retained pommels. This is truly an impressive sword and is actually quite light and lively in the hand.  Carbon steel blade, not sharpened, and fittings with a leather grip. This sword is available now for $150 plus $25 packing and post. We do not see many of these at the games but if you buy it you are sure to attract a lot of attention. Over all length is 40.5 inches and the blade is 33.5 inches. The sheath is wood covered in leather and is equipped with a metal throat and drag tip.


We have taken delivery on our first Culloden Targe but we were only able to get one. We do have others on order.  This is one of the nicest factory made targes we have ever seen, perhaps the nicest. It has a leather cover which is tooled with the same designs as the original and further decorated with brass tacks.. The leather is antiqued and has a nice coloration that the photo simply cannot adequately reproduce. The back is fitted out with arm and hand strap and a sheath holding the 7 inch spike which screws into the central boss. A plug fits into the boss when the spike is not in use.  The targe itself is about 19 inches in diameter, which is typical of 18th c. Scottish battle shields. This is a very nice accessory for you Highland outfit is yours for just...

$245 plus $24 packing and post. Currently out of stock.

A photo of the original targe from which this is taken is to the right.

                        THE VIKING HERSIR SWORD

Hersirs were middle level Viking warriors who made up the bulk of the war bands which raided throughout the British Isles and Europe during the Viking age. They were the shock troops who struck so much terror in the victims of their raids. This sword evokes the memory of these “Sea Kings”.  The 29 inch blade is constructed of 440 stainless steel and topped with a cast metal, bronze colored, pommel and guard. The grip is wood, covered with suede leather. The sheath is wood, also covered in suede, and is equipped with straps and clips to enable you to attach it to a shoulder strap or your belt. A very attractive sword for $75 plus $20 packing and post.

                            THE VIKING SWORD

We have carried a basic Viking sword almost since the first day that Bold Blades entered business and used the same supplier all that time.  However, we recently found what we think is a better and slightly different version of this sword, which we now offer. The dimensions are unchanged, a 30 1/2 inch blade and an overall length of 36 1/2 inches. The wood grip is wrapped in leather. There is a brass pommel and guard. The major change is the sheath and the cross guard which is longer and more downswept than the sword we used to carry. The fuller in the blade is also deeper and better defined.  We think this is a nicer looking sword than what we were carrying before. Own it for just $79 plus $18 packing and post.


Here are two more swords which we have carried for many years, the Celtic War Sword and Celtic War Dagger (which is more like a short sword). Your Celtic ancestors gave the Romans fits with these blades.  The War Sword (left) is 30 inches overall with a 23 1/2 inch, leaf shaped blade. It has a hardwood handle with a brass guard and pommel which is known as an “anthropoid hilt” because it looks like a human being. The blade on this sword is stainless steel and sharp.  Stainless can be brittle so, as we state in our disclaimer, you should not use this sword for anything except display or as a collectible. A very nice, ancient sword for just $55 plus $15 packing and post.

Pictured above and to the right is the Celtic War Dagger. With a 19 inch blade and overall lengthy of 26 1/2 inches, this is an impressive short sword. The pommel and guard are brass and the hardwood handle is fitted with brass spacers. Both these swords come with leather sheaths.  Yours for $50 plus $18 packing and post.


We have several styles and periods of helmets to offer the discriminating customer.  All these helms are designed for re-enactors and made by SAY or GDFB, well-known armor makers.  If you want something and do not see it here please e-mail or call.  Chances are we can get it.

              Nasal Helms                Gjermundbu     Viking Spangenhelm

  Early Crusader Helm                   Great Helm                  Crusader Helm

What you see above is a selection of helms which are available from one of our suppliers. We do not stock them regularly but they are available for direct shipment from the company and we do have some on hand occasionally. E-mail or call about availability.

All helms are equipped with leather liners and chin straps.  Made from 16 gauge and 14 gauge steel, they are designed to take blows from re-enactng but, as always, we caution you about using them in this manner. As re-enactor armor they are not extremely detailed nor are they absolutely authentic.  However they are well-made and look great. Whenever we take one or more of these helms to a  Highland Games or festival it is always sold.   

The first two helms on the top row are Nasal Helms #1 and #3. They are available in medium or large for $125 each plus $18 packing and post.  Next is the Gjermundbu Helm which is based on a helm found at Gjermundbu, Norway. It is made from 14 gauge steel  and comes in medium or large sizes.  $150 plus $18 packing and post.  Finally, on the top row, we have the Viking Spectacle Helm. Available in large only it sells for $95 plus $18 packing and post.

The second row of helms are all made from 14 gauge steel and are available in  medium or large.  All three are $185 each plus $18 packing and post.

Finally we have the Kettle Hat or Chapeau de Fer (Hat of Iron) worn by many men at arms.  It is available in medium or large for $170 plus $18 packing and post.             

In addition to the helms we can also offer a selection of mail shirts, gambesons, cloaks, plate armor, blunt weapons, bucklers and other items.  E-mail or call for details.  

+The Ulfberht+

    This sword, with its distinctive “brazil nut” pommel, was a favorite of ours when it was available some time ago.  Now it is back and looks every bit as good as it did then.  Made from high quality carbon steel, the sword is 35 1/4 inches over all with a 30 1/4 inch blade which is 2 1/8 inch wide at the cross guard. It is equipped with a leather wrapped wooden grip.  The blade has a pronounced fuller running most of its length, to lighten and strengthen the blade.  Comes equipped with a leather sheath. According to legend Ulfberht was the first smith to make an all steel blade as opposed to the pattern-welded swords prior to his time, which was in the mid to early 10th c.  The original of this sword was found in Spain many years ago, or at least that is the information that is available. The original is depicted in Swords of the Viking Age by Ian Pierce. A most interesting feature of this sword is the inscription +ULFBERHT+ found in the fuller on one side of the blade.  On the reverse of the blade is a lattice work design. These decorations are made of pattern welded iron. May be had sharpened for an additional cost and short delay in shipment.

    Yours for just $210 plus $20 packing and post.


Vikings are very popular right now. If you don’t think so, look at the photos below, taken at the Loch Norman Highland Games in April, 2013.  A Viking Contingent Group will also be demonstrating at the 2015 Loch Norman Highland Games April 17-19, 2015.




The Firearm in Scotland in the 17th and 18th Centuries is the work of Lin Robinson, president of Braemore, Ltd., parent company of Bold Blades. This 122 page book is heavily illustrated with photos and drawings of original and reproduction firearms which were used in Scotland during the 17th and 18th centuries.  The book, which is presented on CD ROM has a built-in feature which allows the reader to enlarge any of the photos in its pages by a simple procedure. This is especially helpful in viewing some very high-quality photos of original pistols and powder horns which were in the Shearer collection.  In addition to the history of the firearms, Robinson provides information on their manufacture.  Scottish-Americans will be especially interested in the section on Major Patrick Ferguson, inventor of the Ferguson rifle of Revolutionary War fame. Robinson, who bought his first black powder firearm in 1968, give tips on shooting and maintaining replica firearms and antiques. Also included is a guide to Scottish gun makers from Charles Whitelaw’s now out-of-print work on Scottish firearms.

This informative work is available for just $21.95 postpaid. (Some photos from the book are shown below)




This monograph was written by Lin Robinson, President of Braemore, Ltd, in 2004 and published on CD ROM by Unicorn Ltd - Scot Press - shortly thereafter. In October it was released in print for the first time. It gives an overview of the fighting techniques and kinds of weapons used by the Highlanders of the Jacobite era and later. It is illustrated throughout with black and white photos of original and replica weaponry and includes posed photos of the elements of the famous “Highland Charge”. We have a limited number on hand at the low price of $16 postpaid.


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