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Watch this space for news concerning new items, industry information and anything else which is appropriate as news for our company or the Scottish Sword World.  We have updated our calendar although it is not complete. We will be adding more information as soon as possible.

We have carried CAS Hanwei products since the company was founded and continue to do so. However, recently Hanwei has raised prices on many of its items to the point that we can no longer justify offering them.  CAS Iberia, from whom we purchase Hanwei products, recently took several items off their wholesale program due to the price increases.  Some of these items are the Culloden Dirk, the River Witham Sword and the Scottish Court Sword. They have also taken their “practical swords” off the program. Some of these are swords we have offered for years and others we have never offered. We cannot, therefore, continue to offer those swords.  We regret this has become necessary but we have no choice. These items can be purchased directly from CAS-Hanwei and we encourage you to do so if there is something we are not longer carrying which you would like to add to your collection.

In another matter, we recently saw an advertisement in a Scottish publication from one of our competitors stating they are no longer stocking the Economy Basket Hilt sword that we offer due to quality problems.  We have not had any issues with the quality of these swords which we believe are a good buy for our customers at $75 plus packing and post.  Our competitor was charging significantly more than that and perhaps that was their problem.  We will continue to stock this sword as long as the quality justifies our carrying it and the price we charge to our customers.

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