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Hi and welcome to our new page - Odds & Ends.  From time to time we trade for or otherwise come into possession of items which we need to sell but which do not fit into our usual categories of merchandise.  That is the purpose of this new page.  We will be adding some unusual, one of a kind and possibly some discontinued items in the near future.  All will be priced to move but this is not a yard sale so this is not merchandise on which we are willing to take further discounts.  Prices are firm. Visit us regularly and you may find that special item that you need or did not know that you needed.

To the right is a full length view of the blades. The smudge on the left blade is grease, not rust! The fullers on these blades are well-defined and you can easily view the blunt tips which are common for reenactment equipment.

Below you can see both swords full-length with their sheaths.BB_Tinker_Norman_and_Medieval_with_Sheaths_R1


We have obtained two Hanwei Swords which were made with the collaboration of well-known American bladesmith, Michael “Tinker” Pearce. These swords are discontinued and we understand that we probably got the last ones. These are reenactor swords meaning they are unsharpend and have a thick edge. The tangs on these swords are “peened” enabling them to withstand the punishment of blade to blade contact. Each is made of 5160 high carbon steel for durability. Well balanced and “lively” in the hand, these also look good when carried at a Renaissance Festival or Highland Games. On top we have the “Norman” with the “Brazil nut” pommel. This sword is 36 inches over all with a 30.75 inch blade. The hilt is 5 inches and it weighs 2 lbs, 5 ozs. Comes equipped with a leather over wood sheath with metal drag tip. The sheath has two hanging rings which can be slipped off if you want to carry it using a different arrangement. This sword, which has an MSRP of $319 is yours for $295.00 plus $22 packing and post.

The second sword is the Tinker Early Medieval Sword is Sold Out.

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